(Lainey: a new feature because celebrities can’t help over-sharing on social media…)

First off, she’s stealing a phrase from a reality TV star. Second, can you break the internet when no one gives a sh*t about you anymore, Lindsay Lohan? It’s cringe-worthy. Does she even feel embarrassment at this point?



I love it when you call me Big Poppa… look at this suit! It’s been 18 years – that makes me feel very old. Also, 18 years we’ve had to endure Puff Daddy.



I don’t know who this kid is but I’m jealous s/he gets to fly private. I am also down with the matching tracksuits, and I’m never down with Katy Perry. (I would certainly be down with her if it meant flying private, obviously.)



Twinning tour life with the love of my life 👶❤️👧

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While Shirley Manson is writing open letters of Facebook, Kanye is with the McCartneys at Paris Fashion Week. Love him or hate him, it’s obvious that Kanye wins.





Backstage at #Winter15 with @paulmccartney and #Kanye. #StellasWorld

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I usually adore stripes (and Kylie) but this outfit feels a little… outdated? I think it’s because Sienna Miller wore the sh*t out of those Altuzarra stripes a few weeks ago.



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