Zoolander has already broken the internet today – click here to read Lainey’s post from earlier. The thing that I love about Zoolander is I don’t think all of these people are in on the joke. Remove Owen and Ben’s famous faces and this could be a legit backstage fashion week photo.



My favourite Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen trying on a butt-fugly shoe. She’s writing a cookbook right now, and if you follow her instagram or Twitter you know it’s going to be unreal – her food blog has fantastic recipes, like no-cheese scallop potatoes. Also, she got blocked by Chris Brown on Twitter. What’s not to love?



I read Girl on a Train this week – and so did Reese Witherspoon. Dreamworks has already optioned the film rights so she’s probably kicking herself. I’ve tried to dream cast this and can’t decide who should play Rachel. Not many can play messy. (Lainey: I went with Kristen Wiig.)



I don't know who you are #PaulaHawkins but you kept me up all night reading! #TheGirlOnTheTrain #PageTurner #BookClub 👯

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Look at this f*cking jacket on Mark Ronson! He’s DJ’ing the Stella McCartney party. I used to have a major crush on him.



Mark of the Ronson variety DJing at my party last night... He rules. X Stella

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Madonna’s Rebel Heart push continues and she’s on Howard Stern tomorrow. Will he PLEASE ask her about Gwyneth already! (Lainey: Howard didn't ask G about Madonna....)



OMG the day has finally arrived! Let it Wash All Over Me! ❤️#rebelheart

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A dog wearing a tiny hat is kissing a flower-crown wearing Hilary Duff. This is the definition of twee.



#pooch #smooch 💛

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Jessica Alba regrammed a post from The Honest Co. about a spring diaper lookbook. So, diapers are like jeans or coats, they need a lookbook for different seasons? Fall, winter, spring or summer I’m pretty sure diapers only serve one purpose – pee and poo. These mommy lifestyle expectations are getting out of control. Now I’m supposed to care about what the pattern is on a diaper? I’m not leaning into this nonsense.



Do you think Jen Meyer has chucks on with St. Laurent? She’s been all over fashion week – I think 2015 is the year she takes her jewelry line to every mall in America. Her connections are deep and wide with the LA mommy mafia and she’s all over her famous friends’ social media. But one thing I’ve always wondered about her – how does she feel about her husband’s best friend, Leo? Is there a “no randoms” rule for the kids’ birthday parties?



Me and my Saint Laurent fit in perfectly in Paris!!! ❤️❤️ xo #jennifermeyer

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