Channing Tatum wearing a bowler hat and cuddling a puppy for Vanity Fair.



Happy #NationalPuppyDay! Channing Tatum Day is next month. 📷 by @bruce_weber (who else?)

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I’m posting this photo of Diddy because you don’t know how painful it is to follow his Instagram – it’s all blurry videos and ridiculous quotes. I do it so you don’t have to! (But if we are comparing JLO’s exes, he’s still better than Slum Bear.)




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Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade make a very hot couple. It takes a big woman to get over a “break baby.”



He cleans up nice too... my #MCM ... that beard tho... its growin on me ♡♡♡

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Busy Philipps wrote a long caption and basically mommyjacked National Puppy Day with a photo of her kid.



Why is this photo of Jessica Simpson and her husband squatting in the background so awkward?



-brary time ... Respect your elders babies and keep on napping... Plea💤💤💤💤

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Alec Baldwin’s moment of Zen.



...and we think that's pretty great... 🎂

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I don’t think the Cindy Crawford Barbie doll is all that accurate. The hair is off, I think. Or is it the eyes? She’s so much prettier than this.



A few more photos of the new Brat Pack. I’m way more into this than Lainey is, although I do think they need better female representation. Like, maybe an actual actress?



Eye roll of the day: an instagram of a Polaroid of James Franco and Lana del Rey. Why are these two not dating?



Old Summer Days with @lanadelrey

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