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Hi Sasha! I know you don’t like answering wedding questions but how about wedding shoes! Pleaseeeee!  I want to wear a really fun pair for my big day this summer and in NEON! Please help me! I can splurge if need be!  P


Wedding dresses, no. Wedding shoes, yes. Let’s do this!

I hope the sun comes out on your big day, but just in case, let’s will it your way with a pair of poppy yellow sky-highs! I have some great styles coming at you here (1), and here (2) …

Sasha Finds: Wedding Shoes 2014

…and here (3). Oh and if you’re really baller, go with the Valentino rockstuds (4)!

Okay, if yellow isn’t your bag then choose the season’s IT color – neon orange! For starters, try these (5) Jimmy Choos on for size! But P, if those are too strappy for your ass then these (6) Steve Maddens will definitely make a great statement too!

Sasha Finds: Wedding Shoes 2014


If you’re open to having some fun with print, then how about some snakeskin (7) or leopard print (8)?  Now P, if you liked that last pair then let me direct you to more amazingness courtesy of Sophia Webster. The woman is creating some of the flyest shoes out there, so if you’re looking for some WOW factor, then look here and drool away!
Sasha Finds: Wedding Shoes 2014

I don’t know the style of your gown, but if you’re working a fashion forward edge then the following links are going to take you straight to the future! To see what I mean, click here (9) and here (10).

Sasha Finds: Wedding Shoes 2014

Finally, if that last bunch was too aggressive, no worries, I’ve found you some softer yet equally as eye poppin’ pumps. Get clicking here (11) and here (12).

Sasha Finds: Wedding Shoes 2014

Thanks for writing in and keep all your style queries coming my way to [email protected]

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