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Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 17, 2012 19:06:20 July 17, 2012 19:06:20

Hi Sasha! I have a challenge for you.  Cat eye sunglasses for under 50 dollars.  If you do this I will know you’re the best.  N


This threat cloaked in flattery may not work on many people, but it sure as hell works on me, so N, let's put my style skills to the test. 

Basic black will always do you right and these (1)  AJ Morgans are a damn good steal at under 15 bucks.  Now if you want to give it a tougher, more edged-out feel then peep your peepers on this (2) knockout pair.

Sasha Finds: Cat-eye challenge

If you’ve already got enough black sunnies a great alternative is tortoise shell. Take a look at my standouts here (3) and here (4), and here (5).

Sasha Finds: Cat-eye challenge

My favorite shape in eyewear is the round cat-eye – it’s the best of both worlds - and N, I’ve sleuthed out some sweet shades here (6) and here (7)...

Sasha Finds: Cat-eye challenge

…and here (8), and oh yes! Here (9).

Sasha Finds: Cat-eye challenge

How about a cat-eye in a leopard print? Check out the pretty puurrrfect combo right here (10).  Feel free to hate me for that lame pun.

Sasha Finds: Cat-eye challenge

Finally, if you want to go full tilt retro with your cat-eyes then I’ve got you covered here (11), and here (12) …

Sasha Finds: Cat-eye challenge

…and here (13).

Thanks for writing in! xx

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