Amy Schumer’s Terrible Vacation

Sarah Posted by Sarah at December 16, 2016 17:24:23 December 16, 2016 17:24:23

Earlier this year Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn shot a comedy together—you might remember it because of that ill-advised Formation “parody” that they made while on location. Remember how stupid and dumb that was? Well buckle up because the trailer for the movie they were making, Snatched, is out and it’s terrible. Hawn and Schumer play a mother/daughter duo who go on vacation to South America after Schumer gets dumped—by Randall Park, always nice to see him—and their dream getaway turns into a nightmare when they get kidnapped.

Comedy trailers are tricky, and too often the choice is between giving away the good jokes or holding back but making the movie look stupid in the process. I hope this is a case of door #2, because Snatched features a lot of people I like, such as director Jonathan Levine (50/50, The Night Before), writer and Parks & Rec alum Katie Dippold, and funny people like Hawn, Park, Ike Barinholtz, and Christopher Meloni. Schumer can be funny, but I’m so f*cking exhausted by her right now, I hope I don’t see her at all between now and when Snatched comes out next summer.

You can also see the red band trailer (NSFW), which to be fair, does show off some better jokes (and Oscar Jaenada, Underrated Hot Guy). The look on Schumer’s face when she’s busted in the bathroom is especially funny—she’s getting good at reaction shots. But since comedy trailers are also the worst for putting stuff in the trailer that doesn’t end up in the final cut, I don’t want to count on these quality jokes actually being in the movie by the time it comes out. I hope they are, though, and I hope the movie overall delivers. As much as Schumer irks me these days, I want more female-driven gross-out comedies, and I would like one of them to actually be good. But this trailer is not encouraging.

Red band trailer here:

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