Winona Ryder and Millie Bobby Brown sitting front row together at the Coach show in New York yesterday. Since the theme of the day (see today’s intro) is feelings, my heart is bursting with so many feelings, more feelings than I knew I ever had, looking at these pictures.
Nostalgia: for a face we’ve known and worshipped for 30 years.

Pain: for not having a face like that. Like both of these faces, actually. It’s shallow but it doesn’t mean it’s not true. Because I’m feeling my feelings, goddamn it.

Love: the love I have for the love they have for each other.

Love, an extension: the love we all have for young Millie Bobby Brown, a protective love, because she is perfect right now, the way they’re all perfect when they’re freshly famous, which is sick and twisted in and of itself, conveyed vicariously through Winona Ryder who has been there herself and is now a guardian angel.

Worry: what if the angel Winona can’t protect the youth against the insidious power of celebrity? Could any angel take on that devil?

Envy: I need every item of clothing each of them is wearing