Sofia Coppola is presenting Somewhere at the Venice Film Festival. Apparently the Italian media went all Twi-Hard over her arrival. Being a Coppola is a big deal there. Love what she’s wearing. It’s Louis Vuitton of course. Sofia has forever been tight with Marc Jacobs. And that bag she’s carrying is named for her, a Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola Carryall.

In her first film since Marie Antoinette 4 years ago, which I love and no one else did, Sofia features Elle Fanning (Dakota’s sister) and Stephen Dorff – so random – in a daughter and father drama that has clearly lifted Dorff from his previous best known performances as Pamela Anderson’s one-time real life boyfriend and as Britney Spears’s one time video pretend lover. Yes, I’m aware that he’s had a career. But you can’t tell me that most people are able to list off any of his credits beyond Pam and Brit.

Remember Everytime?


I still don’t know if she’s wearing pants.

As for Somewhere, there’s a shot of Stephen’s face in the trailer when he watches Elle skating that pretty much decided for me why I’ll see this film.


Photos from Foto Jacopo/ and Pascal Le Segretain/