On the one hand, stick to what works, especially with that body so mouth-watering. That would be Sofia Vergara. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a little boring, right? You knew she’d show up in something like this. And it’s fine. I mean there’s certainly nothing to sh-t on, and I guess you could say I’m just stretching for something to sh-t on, but it just feels so the same and not that that fresh -- a shrug, which, if you think about it, if a shrug is your reaction to Sofia Vergara, well, something is missing.

Joining Sofia at the Same Party were Christina Hendricks and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (who has now won Emmys for her work in three different shows and that might be why she’s been included here). Again with the f-cking taffeta. Not even Kate Moss could make taffeta look anything but where it belongs: at a beauty pageant and never on a red carpet but whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy does it keep happening?!?!?