I’m actually not sure how a body like hers is mathematically possible. Between the size of her breasts and the smallness of her waist, it’s a goddamn mindf-ck. No complaint here. Especially not when she starts talking. I can’t find the video online yet. But she was, as usual, solid gold during her interview with E!

When asked what she liked least about herself, Sofia Vergara replied:

"I wisha 2b an A cup sun-tines to wear the no bra."

Then she kept talking about her boobs. And at one point Giuliana asked her about being a fan of Cavalli, and Sofia’s all like, “I don’t wear a lot of Cavalli, I just make everything look like a Cavalli”. It was glorious. She’s FUNNY. She’s self-aware. She knows what she is. We need a camera on her at all times. In fact, if you put Sofia and Jon Hamm at the same table and threw up a webcam in their faces, I’d totally watch that for 3 hours .

Photos from Jason Merritt/Frazer Harrison/Gettyimages.com