Come on. Look at her. When you do, don't you smile? Even laugh? She's happiness. She is Joy. All bouncy and sh-t. With a hint of crazy. Sex without the tawdry. So fun. Right?

Here's Sofia Vergara on the set of Modern Family with her son Manolo. She talks about him a lot. I like the way she says his name. Mahhh-noooo-lohhhhh. And then a bawdy laugh. Almost daring you to wonder how she could possibly have a 19 year old child.

What I love about her, so much, is that she appears to be in on the joke. This broad knows. And she doesn't care. It's not like she's walking around pretending she's something else. But she's also not flagrant or famewhorey about it either. It's the simple, irreverent way she tosses off comments like, "I make everything look like Cavahhhhleee" at the SAGs. Or was it the Globes? Whatever. The point is she doesn't front like it's some serious endeavour. This is entertainment. They're not changing lives here. It's a little of distraction. And happiness. That's Sofia.

Also attached – Julie Bowen. To me she looks more hungry than happy.

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