Sofia Vergara was at rehearsal on Saturday. She Instagrammed this:



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I’m taking that to mean that the Academy was expecting him. If they weren’t expecting him, why would they have included him in the seating plan? Joey Meats, however, wasn’t there. She said he was working, that he left that morning to shoot a new project called Six. OK but how last minute was the scheduling? Well, then again, Joe’s probably not going to be all that high on the call sheet, right?

But she had a face on. I’m telling you she had a face on because I was looking at it as she approached our position by the final photo wall. I mean it didn’t last. And she wasn’t intending for it to be the one presented all over the internet today. But it was the first time I’ve seen it from her. And I was surprised. Because Sofia is pretty consistent in her moods on these occasions. And it’s not like she was top on my priority of attention last night either. So the fact that I noticed…it tripped a wire. Let’s put a pin in that.

She presented last night with Byung-hun Lee who’s in Antoine Fuqua’s upcoming The Magnificent Seven. Lee was obviously invited as part of the Academy’s efforts to include a more diverse range of actors at the Oscars. But beyond that, I don’t have anything to say about him. Because, well, there’s not that diverse a range of actors at the Oscars.

For instance, we’re not writing about Jennifer Jason Leigh tonight. Because we don’t really have much to say about her and we have more to say about others. So it’s not a problem. It is a problem however when I don’t have anything to say about Lee since he’s also the only Korean actor on stage at the Oscars. And that’s what this whole discussion is about.