Like most of you, I love Sofia Vergara. She makes me laugh all the time. Her fiancé though...

For a while now there have been some reports about his sketchy behaviour. Click here and here for a refresher. And no one has ever been exactly sure what it is that he does, beyond the fact that he’s very, very wealthy. Click here for more details about how he lives.

So last night, there he was at the Modern Family table, sitting beside Sofia (even though I’m not sure anyone else had their spouses there, but I might be making that up), as the camera moved to her during the opening “I’m an actor” bit, and, well... you watch for yourself and you tell me if you notice the same thing:

Did you see that?


I know. I am that c-nt who fixates on the small things and it’ll all come back to me one day. So maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m the only one who finds it gross the way he’s moving his lips to her words?

Anyway, this dress...

It’s been, what, three years now the domination of Modern Family? Three years then, carpet after carpet, and always the same style. And steadily deteriorating. This one is the worst. She knows what works for her, I guess. But so much more could work for her too. She’s Sofia Vergara. You’re telling me Sofia Vergara couldn’t handle a Dolce & Gabbana? Or Gucci? Or, if you want to play something safer, Jason Wu? Come on. It’s Time.To.Change.It.UP.