There's a lot to say. And I'm shooting at the Kodak right now so blogging on my blackberry. Don't want you to wait so long for me to write so am splitting last night's observations into several posts.

Photos will come later when the agency sends to me. For now we're using file shots.

It was the official opening of Soho House West Hollywood with Grey Goose. Every year Soho House and Grey Goose put on the most amazing series of parties - the brand is trusted by celebrities for privacy and exclusivity. At the venue there were no paps accessible, no fear of infiltration.

Which is why their list is so f-cking epic. I'll namecheck it right now just to give you an idea.

Clive Owen
Joaquin Phoenix
Matt Dillon
Jlo and marc
Elton and Furnish
Kelly Osbourne and Dave Lachapelle
Kat dennings
Ryan phillippe
James blunt
Jason lewis
Zachary Quinto
Emile hirsch
Edward Norton
Rachel Zoe
Peter Sarsgaard
Josh Hartnett
Topher grace
Jason bateman
Guy pearce
Nick lachey
Kellan lutz

Went with Dan Levy from MTV Canada. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were lingering at the top of the stairs. Greeters! She was in gold, a sequined dress, straight hair, so gorgeous, and she knew. At one point she looked right at us, smiling, like she was giving us permission to admire her. I've met her on several occasions, most recently at TIFF a couple of years ago. There are celebrities who are totally unremarkable in person. There are others who illustrate exactly why they became famous. She is one of them. She knows.

At the back of the dining room Elton John was seated like Louis XIV holding court at a table between Kelly Osbourne and Ryan Phillippe. The f-ck? Ryan ended up bailing for a cigarette and never came back, choosing instead to roll with - ugh - James Blunt. Vertically challenged douche convention. They are wee. And skeevy. And while most would say that Ryan's cherubic face sets the loins afire, less carby in person, me I don't get it. He pouts too much. And he walks around like he has the hype of Robert Pattinson. I mean please.

More to come...


File photos from Johnny Louis/