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Seems like Kelly Osbourne is Dave LaChapelle's new muse. Well...she's skinny now, right? Kelly had her hair done Marilyn Monroe styles, in a bedazzled silver teacup dress, like Balenciaga 2 yrs ago. Kelly is thin, small, and shy. Didn't seem entirely comfortable, almost as though she was asking herself how she got here. LaChapelle was by her side constantly. Don't be surprised if there's a collaboration coming up. Interesting factoid. Or not. He's the one who told Scabby Anderson to always insist on using a f-cking ring light. Which is why any media without one - and they are NOT common gear - can't shoot her at events. Pain in the ass.

Edward Norton and his girlfriend (from Toronto) stayed til the end, first sitting with Rosanna Arquette, then with Dustin Hoffman. At one point he was talking in one group that was next to another group that included Ryan Phillippe. They shook hands, and then hilariously Norton turned away and resumed his conversation. Not interested. Made me love him even more. He's gorgeous right now. Very fit, very relaxed, in a white fitted long sleeve tee and jeans.

Eating just behind him at a relatively secluded table - Guy Pearce and friends. Not as tall as I imagined. In a grey shirt and slacks, glasses, so handsome, so friendly, actively participates in every conversation, and an accent that bring the moists. At the end of the night I heard him looking for his wife. Solid.

More to come.

File photos from Wenn.com and Soho photos courtesy of Michel Comte/Richard Young/Grey Goose