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Dan and I spent a lot of time marvelling at Jason Bateman, wondering what kind of elixir he must be drinking to look so eternally young. I mean it’s astonishing. He is so handsome and he’s working a nice tan and he doesn’t look leathery and there’s still a boyishness about him that’s totally adorable. Bateman was eating at the table next to Elton John. Was with his wife, super low key, seemed to be in great spirits always.

When Juliette Lewis wasn’t smoking on the patio (she kept inching inside with her cigarette) she was at the bar, for a while at least, talking to Quentin Tarantino. Can’t even imagine what that conversation would have sounded like. She wasn’t wearing anything weird either. No crazy spandex, no head ornament, just a black jacket with red lips. She’s actually quite tall. I mean we were all in heels. And she was taller than most. Fun and loopy though. Very loud, definitely a party girl, ready for it at a moment’s notice.

Tarantino was wearing a leather shirt jacket. Exactly what you’d expect. With some kind of embroidery all over. Think of the costume department for Sin City. He is very animated. And moves around a lot. And his famous geeky voice rises above the din from across the room and at one point we were across from him at the bar and I could hear him going off about, what else, an Asian movie that he couldn’t get enough of. We nearly lost our sh-t when we turned around a few minutes later and he was engaged in conversation with Nick Lachey. What?

Rachel Zoe was skulking around. In a long grey flowing dress, her hair loose around her shoulders, tiny, tiny, tiny, and a crusty face. Be fashionable all you want, but when you’re permanently hungry, you also look permanently scowly. In the midst of all the high profile attendees there, she kinda got lost in the star power. Like, you dress these people. Remember

Speaking of the Zoe and Lachey and names that don’t belong – if Kellan Lutz was there to work it, I don’t think he got much work out of it. That hair. Is terrible.

Kat Dennings was more successful on the party professional circuit. Like I said, people came to kick it, sure, but a lot of people were also there to get sh-t done. Every time I saw Kat she was alone and flirting with some lanky, gothy, rocker, arty dude, but Shinan Govani told me that he observed her pluckily introducing herself to Harvey Weinstein. Networking is a critical part of the job description.

Kat in person is even more spectacularly sexy than in photos. That face. Those lips. The body. She was dressed casually, in dark clothes, red stained mouth, long wavy ridiculously shiny hair, and very, very confident. You can tell because most of them spend their entire evening looking around looking at other people, wondering if they’re being looked at themselves. Kat doesn’t behave like this. She’s happy in a corner, not part of the action, waits for her spots, takes them when they’re available, and then goes back to not caring about being the centre of attention. Please make this girl a star.

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File photos from Flynetonline.com and Soho photos courtesy of Michael Comte/Grey Goose