Kristen Stewart and her romantic flameout Soko have both been in Cannes. So far there hasn’t been any overt drama. No screaming, no slapping. But that might be old-school drama. New school drama happens on social media. And this is what it looks like:

Kristen showed up to the gala premiere of Personal Shopper in a Chanel dress with feathery-winged sleeves and dramatic pink eyeshadow with her blond hair kinda curled on top but straight on the bottom. It was a look. It wasn’t meant to be conventionally “pretty”. It wasn’t meant for the people who call Blake Lively a style icon. But… Soko took it another way. Because here’s what she posted on Twitter:

With this photo of herself:

That tweet has since been deleted. But at her own photo call the next day, she too went with the pink eye.

You can always smell the ones who are good for the drama. With Soko it was obvious from the beginning. And Soko isn’t ready to let it go. For the duration of the festival or will it continue. Thing is, Kristen isn’t publicly on social media and you could say that she’s not the one engaging but…


Bringing your ex-and-again girlfriend Alicia to Cannes. And making sure she’s seen and her hand is held could sort of be considered engaging, non? Especially when you know Soko’s watching everything and predisposed to emotional outbursts.