Sons of Anarchy recap Season 4 Episode 6

Remember last week, when Juice stole a brick of coke like a teenager?  We’re back in the back-truck area,  and Juice tries to do the whole best-defense-good-offense thing to explain why there’s a missing brick.   He does, of course, get jumped on by one of the Mayans but Jax pulls him off.      Anyway as the guys file out,  the Mayan explains that it doesn’t matter who took the brick, Mayan or Son – he dies.

Alone with Clay, Jax starts to spit about how it’s not Juice, and Clay starts to think about how it’s the young kids who were guarding the place.  Neither he nor Jax looks excited at this prospect…

Remember when Unser was following Tara?  She’s gone to Gemma to drop off the younger baby – Thomas?  Gemma gets interrupted by a girl who calls her Mama Gemma and who might be called Margot or Jana or something.   Anyway, Margot or Jana is home because her sister is ‘bad’ and she needs her daddy.   Gemma dispatches someone to find Tig.

Clay and the others scare Rat and Phil who are about to be questioned about the coke they didn’t take.   They’re trying to decide who to interrogate when Tig says he’s going to see his kid.   “Which one?”  “The crazy one”.   Yeah, that was no help.  Thank you.  

Back at the bar, Gemma sets up Satan’s spawn, and Tara kisses her on the way out the door.  They kiss?  As Gemma reprimands Piney for drinking at this hour, the porn star comes sassing out of a back room,  and Gemma and Tara get all medieval up on her.  “She will rip your tits off.”   Anyway, they tell her to get lost and immediately run into Lyla who explains that Opie didn’t come home last night (and is therefore the porn-f#cking culprit).   But before everything can be all tied up tidy, Lyla sees the porn star, Ima,  and they start to fight.   First the word ‘gash’ comes out, then a gun is pulled, and then Tara tells her to “keep that .38 close, bitch.  You’re gonna need it”. Since when is Tara so dirty?

Okay,  SAMCRO is paying Russian roulette as a show of loyalty to the club.   If they can do it, it’s gonna prove they didn’t do it.   Somehow? Anyway, Phil does it and hits an empty chamber.   So does Rat.   At which point they all pack up to go defend Tara and whatnot.   I should point out that Juice is wearing the white T shirt of innocence all the time.

Anyway, Tig and his daughter are talking about how her sister is suffering from an eating disorder and needs to go to rehab in Orange County.   Also, as soon as she says her sister’s rehab will cost $12,000 you realize the scam involved here.   And it begins to reek more as poor Tig says it’ll take him a minute to get all the cash together.  Luckily, I think Bobby Elvis smells it too.

The Sons roar up to the clubhouse as Gemma bitches but it’s not really sinking in until the true awesome that is Piney laying Opie out in the parking lot because “your dick almost got us killed”.   It’s great.   Anyway, inside, Tara stitches Opie but resents Jax way after the fact, all her memories of him with Ima still fresh in her mind. Jax and Opie discuss whether a kid would fix anything…and then Jax has to go and re-apologize to Tara, who invokes her engagement ring, and says he can’t hurt her or he’ll hurt everyone…and then she takes off.  Gemma strides out to tell Jax how much it sucks that he cheated that one time, and then basically – basically – tells him to kill Ima.   It’s a pretty disturbing life, having Gemma in your world.  No?

Clay talks to Unser, telling him that he should be more careful, and also, if he’s thinking of going behind his back, just a reminder that if Clay goes down, so does Unser.

The Sons are lazy enough that they just give the two prospects a gun and tell them to find the truth.   Seriously, they basically say, “And we’re gonna go play Super Mario”.   

Opie and Lyla talk and while he calmly confesses that he wasn’t drunk, that he wanted to get back at her for the birth control he found, she likewise tells him she had an abortion last year.  

Juice and Chibs sit around talking about the locked recruits in the room,  and Juice shows his hand, asking if Scotss feels OK about the black guy rule.  Chibs says if he just picks and chooses which rules to follow, well then who the hell is he?  Juice nods, in that way that makes him really sad.

Clay and Jax determine that, no, it will be one of the prospects who dies.  Jax swears.   Back at the holding barn,  Scotss and Juice spar over who’s going to kill the prospect.   And then in a real hail Mary,  Juice says they can go outside and dig around for the coke and nobody’ll be the wiser.   He’s jumping over about six hoops here.

Unser and Roosevelt!  This’ll be fun!   Unser looks like he might burst into flames in here, but then he says he thinks Dr. Tara might be in danger.   Roosevelt irritates Unser by implying he is or was in Clay’s pocket.   He’s being vague and Roosevelt is annoyed.   We’re leaning heavily toward Tara dying here, and I wouldn’t mind exactly, but I love that this is Unser’s way of getting himself out of trouble…

Juice goes back to get his coke, which is totally findable and totally fine, except he totally gets spotted by Miles, who perfectly reasonably says he’s gonna have to explain himself to the rest of the club,   and shoots Juice in the thigh, and there’s a shoot-out, and Juice whips a semi-automatic weapon on him.     Everyone comes out to find out what happened, and Juice’s story is mostly believed, but Scotss’s looking at him with those knowing eyes that mean he’s put it together..

Tig and his daughter look at pictures of when the girls were small.  They’re on a playground that I didn’t realize was on the bar compound.   Anyway, Bobby Elvis and Gemma called Tig and say that Fawn is fine, (that’s his other daughter).  NO bulimia.   So Dawn (the daughter who’s here) is the one playing him.   Then, in one of those awesome lines that she pulls off, Gemma points out that mothers should drown baby girls.    Okay, so that’s one side of it…

SAMCRO give the coke to the Mayans, as Romeo and Clay talk.  At which point, and I have no reason to sugar-coat this,  Clay asks whether Romeo will do the hit on Tara.   Jesus.  

Someone writes, “I’m going to hurt you, then kill you, doctor bitch”.  I’m assuming Ima?

Tig’s daughter goes away in a cab, happy.   He’s happy too.   In fact, Gemma and Bobby Elvis are also happy.  That’s nice.  Happy is nice.  

Opie comes home and sits on his bed.  

Jax is with Ima.  He kisses her in weird light that is apparently her porn set but that I could’ve sworn was a fridge.

Scots watches with the iron eyes of a man who knows what he’s seeing as Juice gets stitched up, ass-up, by Tara.  

Tig shows Bobby pictures of his daughters.  Gemma tells Opie she’s fixed up the spare bed for him.   Piney reminisces at pictures that I assume must be John Teller.  

Ima undresses for Jax.   Then he smashes her face into her dressing table and threatens her, and calls her a derisive ‘whore’ for good measure.  Just in case you were worried about his treatment of women.  

Some people climb into a tow truck.   Then we get a really nice shot of Tara’s car, and Unser putting the “doctor bitch” note in it.  Is this his way of warning her?   

Some of you are going to be mad that I said I wouldn’t mind Tara dying.   I don’t want her to die, exactly,  but it would be nice to raise some sort of blood in her, since all it seems she’s done this year is drop her babies off with Gemma and whine.   I’m just saying.