Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 11 recap

So, the dude.   Mine in particular.   He’s all right, you know? (Also, definitively not reading this.)   He’s tall,  he makes up stupid songs, but I can say the thing I arguably dig the most is that he’s smart.   He ain’t perfect by any stretch, but he’s smart.

I know everyone makes their choices in life, and nobody’s perfect of course, and what one person lacks, the next one makes up for, but to me, ‘smart’ is non-negotiable.   

How do you love someone who is stupid?  I’m being serious.  This seems to be the theme of this week and I don’t know what to say about it.   How do you, if you’re Tara, how do you still love someone who doesn’t see and hear that his promises are not only empty now, but will continue to be?  It’s not because he doesn’t love her, the big dumb lug, it’s that he can’t find it in him to think more than one step ahead, ever.    He’s gonna kill Clay, except for when Clay tells him to stand down, that Gemma’s pulpy face is none of his business, well, then,  he’s not going to kill him anymore, I guess.

How do you love Jax if you’re Gemma?  If you’re willing him to be the man you hoped he would be, even though you might not have been the best mother you could have been,  but he just seems to keep failing at the things you think are important – being a leader, protecting his wife and children, keeping his skanky baby mama away from the children.

How do you love Gemma if you’re Unser?  You’ve loved her for years, that much is clear, and you must keep holding out hope that she’s going to figure out that you’ve been by her side, but she’s too blind to see it – whether by love, or by rage, what’s consistent is that it will continue to be about everyone but you.   She will never see what you’ve done for her, not in the way you want.

How do you love yourself if you’re Juice (man, what a season this guy has had, though.  Story is one thing.  His acting is another entirely. Amazing. Theo Rossi, my hat to you)?   What with the fear and the stealing of the drugs and the SUICIDE ATTEMPT and the killing of Miles and the secrecy and the being in goddamn Lincoln’s back pocket  - and nobody cares that your big secret is out?  Or, Chibbs doesn’t care? You could have made it telling just one friend your big terrible truth, and isn’t this the most horrible pill to swallow?   That all your suffering isn’t even real?  It’s false.   It didn’t have to happen.   None of this had to happen.

Opie carries the torch next week.   According to a promo video that I happened to see on a site where you watch Sons if your local FX isn’t quite sorted with that season, we are getting a bonus additional episode of season 4.  14 episodes, which means  three more episodes in which to contain the death and the carnage and the bleakest bleakness.

Til then.