Spears Family Damage Control

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 9, 2008 00:00:00 January 9, 2008 00:00:00

Oh please. This is precisely the problem. Always looking for someone and something else to blame. A million excuses all diverging away from their own home. This is why Britney has never learned accountability.

As you know, Lynne Spears is currently Enemy #1 as Chicken Fried Stupid and Chicken Fried Junior have publicly illustrated her impressive mothering. Consumed with saving her public image, Lynne and the Spears family are fighting back, dispatching friends and allies to talk to the tabloids, with “exclusive” (translation: paid for) statements to OK! Magazine and sending a spokesperson over to The Today Show to slam Dr Phil.

According to Lou Taylor, a business manager for Lynne and Jamie Lynn, Dr Phil “violated the trust” of the family by going public about his involvement. Taylor confirmed that the family had indeed requested that Dr Phil intervene but had at no time agreed to go on his show. Further, the family felt that in issuing a public statement assessing Britney’s mental condition, Dr Phil was in essence making a “public display” out of a very private situation.



He’s a TV DOCTOR for f&ck’s sake…have they just heard???

And isn’t this the same Lynne Spears who will be sharing her “Mothering Moments” with the world in a new book? The same family that pushed their children into child super stardom? Isn’t this the woman who lives off her daughters?

Dr Phil might be a low level windbag but is he really worse than the Spearses? Really?

Parents who pimp their kids vs an opportunist celebrity psychologist? To me that sounds like a wash.


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