Just announced – the Spice Girls will kick off their reunion tour right here in Vancouver! As is customary for kick offs in the city, the bands (loosely used term here) usually arrive in advance for rehearsals and technical adjustments to take advantage of Vancouver’s world class facilities. The Police did this a few months ago, as did U2, and also Janet Jackson.

Several days of Posh and Co running around within a 10 block radius? My main ‘mo Darren and I have already been emailing all morning about it. Can you imagine??? Dancing with your Gay after all these years to Wannabe on live lipsync?? Do you love it, or do you love it?

San Jose and Shanghai are also hosting the girls on tour.

December 2 is when it begins – here’s a new promotional shot that hasn’t been touched up at all. British are already slagging Victoria for being in the middle and at the top. Honestly…it’s like they never really knew her at all. Where the f&ck else would she be???

PS. Check out old Victoria. Totally different face. But same, same pout. My girl.