First - Stella Tennant FOREVER.

Second - I want to know what would have happened if they even tried suggesting to Kate Moss that she’d wear Victoria Beckham at the Closing Ceremony during the David Bowie Fashion tribute. Please.

Victoria Beckham included among Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, and others...? Many people wondered about why no Stella McCartney. Perhaps, given that she was all over the Team GB kit, they thought it might be overkill? And is Julien Macdonald too low classy now that he’s on a reality tv show? What could be more British than a Philip Treacy hat? Treacy has received an honourary OBE for his contribution to the British fashion industry. I’m assuming he’d be qualified?

The debate then is whether or not Victoria Beckham is qualified. And how she ended up being included. And whether or not there was an exchanged involved:

We’ll recognise you as an, ahem, fashion designer if you put your pop star boots back on and perform with the band.

But it was SO great, wasn’t it SO great?

It was silly and light, it was nostalgic, it was funny, and it was FUN... even though I was kinda choked at Ginger’s modification of the Union Jack dress. Too bad she couldn’t have dusted the old girl off and brought back the red boots too. I thought Baby Spice looked best. I totally miss Scary yelling at the audience. I LOVE that Sporty wore wedges. And of course, of course Posh had a train. And the skinniest cab of them all.

But, like Jennifer Lopez, she is predictable, isn’t she? As I wrote on July 23 - click here for a refresher - Posh ...posed:

“Imagine how it would be at a live event? There are the four other ones dancing up at the front. Where’s Posh? Oh off to the side just... being thin.”

That is, indeed, what happened:


Come on. It’s the best thing you’ve ever seen.

And then it was over. While the other four partied until dawn, posting photos of themselves on Twitter, giddy and tipsy, almost like the old days, Victoria took off. Presumably to spend time with her family. It’s a foolproof excuse. Sure. You know.