The other night in London – the Spice Girls were joined onstage by their children, with the exception of Ginger’s Bluebell who may be still recovering from chicken pox, all the baby Spices made an appearance including all three Beckham boys wearing t-shirts with POSH emblazoned across the front. Look at gorgeous Romeo. Romeo is my favourite. And Brooklyn beaming proudly at his brother… it’s the cutest, non?

After their family affair, Posh headed out to the shoppes the next day, wearing black and bare legs and Karl Lagerfeld’s black driving gloves, Mrs Beckham popped into YSL and then went for lunch at Nobu where probably she ate a piece of seaweed and drank green tea.

Her husband meanwhile is said to be ecstatic to be back at home for a stretch. And shockingly enough is behaving himself too. Word is he’s on her good side to talk her in to another baby. Will we meet LaLa Beckham in 2008?

Everyone else is pregnant…why not Posh?