Victoria Beckham posted a photo of a tricked out mic on her Twitter a couple of weeks ago - click here for a refresher. I wrote that it was perhaps a sign that she’d finally agreed to perform with the other Spices at the Closing Ceremony. As previously reported, Posh had been cock-blocking the plan, not wanting to compromise her new Fashion Designer identity by reminding us that she originally arrived as a pop star.

As you can see, she got over it.

And here they are, all the Spices, rehearsing at the Ford plant in Dagenham yesterday. (Made In Dagenham! Have you seen that movie? I quite enjoyed it. And it was a nice showcase for the recently retired Bob Hoskins.)

Anyway, the Spices will take the stage on Sunday for a show that will celebrate British pop culture and lifestyle. Victoria seems to actually be moving around and not just posing. I don’t understand.

Other confirmed acts at the Closing Ceremony (can I bitch again about how it’s NOT Closing Ceremonies plural but Closing CeremonY single? Never mind that the IOC circulates a protocol and terminology document to media specifying the correct language, why must we transform one occasion into several of them sounds better???) include Take That, George Michael, and Muse. Rumoured acts include Coldplay, The Who, Queen, Annie Lennox, Tinie Tempah, Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, Kaiser Chiefs, Russell Brand, Absolutely Fabulous, and... Adele!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They say they want it to be the “greatest after-party” of all time. It’ll be sunny and hot in Vancouver on Sunday afternoon. I will be in bed, watching television. And then 3 hours later I’ll watch it again, just to see how much NBC f-cks with the original.