Last night perfectly illustrated why I love Victoria Beckham. From her newly Botoxed waxy face to her less than enthusiastic golf claps to her valiant struggles to hold in her smiles, especially pronounced since everyone around her was beaming from excitement, Posh Spice understands there is an element of the ridiculous about her that is the essence of her brand. She is also the vainest, the most self conscious, the most shamelessly narcissistic celebrity ever. And best of all, she makes no apologies.


If you haven’t the hilarious pleasure, click here and here to view both of Mel B’s rather uninspired performances. Suffer through them and be rewarded by Victoria’s attempt at applause. So good I had to keep rewinding and playing her back.

Still… it was actually kinda sweet that the girls turned up to support Scary. Baby and Geri were so cute with their booing. And how cute that they snuck onto the lot before the performance to surprise Mel B in her trailer. See photos attached. You will note they are all wearing black except for Geri who makes it a habit of breaking from dress code and from a long lens, whatever Victoria had done to her face actually looks quite pretty.

My favourite though is the shot of Posh walking ahead of Emma Bunton – the best angle ever of that ski jump nose. Reminds me of Pretty On the Outside"s interpretation of a Posh Thanksgiving. Brilliant, non?

Photos from Splash