This is for all of us small-busted girls out there who feel like wearing a sports bra is like wearing a tensor bandage around our ribcage and that they do nothing for us but create one small uniboob (which is even more depressing for those of us who are single and need all the help we can get when trying to talk to the cute guy working out beside us…right?).

I discovered this sports bra when I was finishing up some last minute Christmas shopping at New Balance (my favourite running store) and ended up buying one for myself and a couple more for a few of my clients.  We all agree that it is the most comfortable sports bra we have worn. 

Usually, in order to get any support (not that I need much), I have to buy a smaller size than I normally would which not only squishes my non existent boobs to make me look like a prepubescent girl but the elastic constricts my ribs to the point where breathing becomes a chore. 

This sports bra lifts and separates (goodbye uniboob), has adjustable straps so I do not get a headache from the tight straps digging into my shoulders while I work out and it fits perfect around my rib cage so I can have support while still being able to breathe.  It provides great support, a little help in the shape department and it is actually comfortable to wear while working or working out.  And on the days when wearing a normal bra is out of the question this bra looks great under a t-shirt.

(Note from Lainey: This article is NOT a paid endorsement. Paid endorsements on are always clearly marked. This is a straight up Hayley recommendation.)