Please skip this if you don’t care.

Have heard from many of you about my parents’ appearance on CTV’s live Torch Special this morning.

Yes, those really are her nails. No fakes. Those are always her nails. I don’t remember my mother having nails not like these nails. Have you seen The Way We Were? Do you remember Barbra Streisand’s nails? That’s how they wore their nails back in the 70s. My mother won’t let it go.

Also, my dad brought his sign.

And held it up.

Note the way she waves at me, and then decides to wave at the other camera. Like to make sure EVERY camera was getting her. Also...when she covers her mouth she’s also showing you her jewels. I mean, please. That ring was no accident.

Click here to view. Note the bar on the bottom of the screen it says “KEY EVENTS”. If you move your mouse over the bar, it should tell you where to click to find my clip. Look for “Lainey”.