There were two false reports of a split this year and, at last check over Thanksgiving, Stacy Keibler is still the official George Clooney companion, with all its benefits and accessories as rewards for not asking for marriage and children. So it’ll be her second Clooney Christmas, if there’s no change in status...and there’s no legitimate reason to think there might be. Unless you count Photo Assumption?

Stacy’s normally a wide smiler. I mean, on a carpet she’s generally very sweet and accommodating and friendly -- posing without a lot of openmouthed Try, generally conveying a rather pleasant demeanor...

But the other night, at the VH1 Divas event, Photo Assumption says there was a tightness to her face -- not caused by injectibles but perhaps attributable to mood. There was a lot of closed-mouth, no teeth smiling. There was more closed-mouth, no teeth smiling than there was with-teeth smiling, and even when she did grin wide, it never seemed to reach her eyes.

Was she simply working the outfit?


But when I looked at these shots, something in her expression (a little tired, a little sad) pinged by smutty sense. It’s been a long year though. Maybe my smutty sense has just been overworked. Please, no breakups or cheats or throwdowns, please, at least until January 2.