I don’t hate it. Not at all. It’s far from the worst of the night. Or the most boring. Or the most Try. It’s not a mega standout but that’s OK too. It wouldn’t have been possible for Stacy Keibler, without George Clooney, to rise to the top anyway. But middle of the pack is about right. The dress -- Rachel Roy -- is great on her body and I’m kind of loving those shoes for where we are.

Something about the expression on her face though...

Why does she look so...shy?

Stacy was last seen in Germany with George in March, flying there after it was reported that the “end is near” for them. I wrote at the time that it’s not that the rumours weren’t true, it’s just that George prefers to control his own stories.

They’ve now been apart for another good stretch. And breakup speculation is likely to begin again soon. Might be time for another visit then.