Stacy Keibler presented at the American Music Awards last night because...

She’s dating George Clooney?

Far as I know there’s not much else to promote. And whatever she does have to promote, I’m pretty sure it’s not on ABC either.


We’ve already established that being George Clooney’s girlfriend has its many advantages, so long as you’re not a dumbass about the contraband, marriage and babies. He is generous with everything else.

So here she is in a decent dress, by her standards, though I would have chosen a less clashy shoe, and the hair doesn’t suck either, but maybe the teasing and/or extra body hairpiece could have been styled with more skill because right now, it’s much, much too obvious, especially when viewed from the side.

As for George, he was photographed in good spirits visiting a friend on Saturday in Sherman Oaks, quietly preparing for award season, lobbying behind the scenes in support of his Argo. As a producer on the film, he gets to be on stage if it wins. So... Stacy’s going back to the Academy Awards then? Would she be the first to make it to TWO Oscars?