George Clooney was photographed in New York last night at a screening for The Ides of March, opening Friday. There’s a premiere tonight too. Not sure if his girlfriend Stacy Keibler will be joining him. He already debuted her last week, officially, on the carpet in Hollywood. But why waste all her great training?

After all, we are campaigning now. And she’s been studying so hard, as evidenced during her easyball interview with Refusing to say his name directly, or engage in any specific discussion about her boyfriend, Keibler spoke in platitudes passed on from Jennifer Aniston via Chicken Soup For The MiniVan Majority, or vice versa:

"I'm so grateful for … every person that's come into my life. I've had such a wonderful year. I wake up every day and I say thank you. It's so important to just love yourself before anyone else. One of the biggest things that women should give to themselves is the gift of loving themselves [because] confidence comes from loving yourself.”

What’s it like for her now that she’s George Clooney’s Official Girlfriend?

"I sort of grew up in [the entertainment business], so that kind of stuff is easy for me to let roll off of my shoulders."

First of all...


People need to stop telling the world that they love themselves. I’m happy that you do. Please don’t stop. Just... maybe use your inside voice?  

Also, I want a copy of the Clooney Girlfriend Training Manual, the post-Canalis edition. A step-by-step guide on getting to the Oscars by his side. How do you think that’s working out for her?

Attached - Stacy at a video game launch last week.