Nothing says small town to me more than poor hairstyling, where the “rules” of fashion and appearance have never been updated, one of which dictates that fancy parties require curls or updos. Making it exciting is taking it only half way up. This is what Stacy Keibler gave us last night. And just as we were starting to make progress - see here last week at the Critics’ Choice Awards.

Keibler is wearing red Valentino. At Critics’ Choice it was Armani. At the Palm Springs Film Festival it was Alexander McQueen. She has access now to some serious, serious selection. And still, have you noticed? Despite the fact that on paper, with that body and those legs, and she’s so tall, somehow Stacy Keibler always, no matter what she’s wearing, always looks like it cost her $400.

Sure. $400 is a lot of money for us. It’s a splurge at BCBG, totally. But you don’t go to the Globes with George Clooney in a $400 dress. Some of those gowns last night were upwards of $10K, and much more. Hers wasn’t cheap either.

And still...

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing but Stacy Keibler, she makes it all look so...affordable.

By design?

We’ve already discussed, at length, the George Clooney selection criteria. It took him several attempts to get it just right. After Sarah Larson, after Elisabetta Canalis... and now Stacy seems to be working well. With Stacy we are on a roll. With Stacy he is winning almost everything.

Oh, right.

About that.


Did you see her tweet after the show?

YAY BABE! From my #Ravens this morning to #mylove tonight, what a day!!! #WINNING

It’s “My love” now, is it?

Someone is awfully confident.

PS. When did Brad Pitt become George Clooney’s favourite charity? George Clooney can’t open his mouth without namechecking Brad Pitt. It’s ...almost smart, in a way. Like - man, don’t give it me, guys, because Brad Pitt he just wants it so bad, will you throw my bro some love? These two, they don’t mess around. When they compete, they go HARD.