Yesterday when I wrote about Angelina Jolie’s Guerlain ad, I wondered about the scenes that take place in the vineyard, and presumed it wouldn’t be at Miraval. Miraval, of course, is Brange’s French chateau where they produce their award-winning rosé. Thanks to Fiona’s eagle eye (thanks Fiona!), however, it looks like the spot was indeed shot at Miraval – and it’s not the vineyard that gives it away but the staircase.

Here’s the staircase from the Brange wedding photos:

And the Guerlain ad:

Same? Or not?

If same then clearly filmed last summer, before whatever it was that happened in September on the plane. And now this is what’s left – these visuals captured in a commercial, from the place where the twins were first brought home after they were born, where they wed… which will be replayed all year as the brand pushes Mon Guerlain into the marketplace.