I don't have much to say about either Ewan McGregor or Stanley Tucci other than the fact that I love them both so the fact that they were together last night at Beyonce's secret show for celebrities in London is a major bonus that probably only 5 of you will care about but more should because it's awesome! Look at them! They're awesome! And they're at a Beyonce concert! What does Stanley Tucci look like at a Beyonce concert WITH Ewan McGregor???


More people need to want to know about what Stanley Tucci and Ewan McGregor are like at a Beyonce concert. Then we might actually find out. With pictures?

Anyway this is for the few - enjoy.

Photos from Olga Bermejo/Splashnewsonline.com and Dave Hogan/Gareth Cattermole/Gettyimages.com