Star Jones and Al Reynolds are divorcing! The GMD says Oh Happy Day!

Star released the following statement to Entertainment Tonight: "Several years ago I made an error in judgment by inviting the media into the most intimate area of my life. A month ago I filed for divorce. The dissolution of a marriage is a difficult time in anyone"s life that requires privacy with one"s thoughts. I have committed myself to handling this situation with dignity and grace and look forward to emerging from this period as a stronger and wiser woman."

Oh sit your ass DOWN Star.

As if you need to be private. As if we’ll bother speculating.

There is NO speculation necessary! They’re divorcing because he’s a Big Gay Al!

And just in case there’s actually someone crazy enough to think he’s not… am attaching a few of my favourites.

To be fair, that she acknowledged the way she whored out her wedding... pretty cool. Hopefully she comes out of this happier with a clear understanding that a hag should never marry her fag. And PS - Feng Shui Weight Mistake? She lost the weight, she lost her luck. Just sayin"...