Love this.

Couple of weeks ago Star Magazine printed a story about Ashton Kutcher stepping out on Demi Moore at a restaurant. Some eyewitness said he was grinding up on a skinny broad in plain view of an entire restaurant and it got so hot that you could see his erection. For real. Click here for a refresher.
Ashton said it was bullsh-t. On Twitter, where else? Demi then retweeted her support. And then Ashton tweeted again that he was planning on suing the magazine. Since then, no lawsuit has been announced. But now Star Magazine is going back for more.

This week, Star once again will feature Ashton’s alleged infidelity on its cover. A 21 year old woman has apparently stepped forward claiming that she f-cked him when Demi was out of town and, obviously, they had “incredible chemistry”. Don’t they always?

So what happens next?

Another Twitter denial? Another lawsuit threat? And then what?

I don’t trust Star. And I also don’t think Ashton is indiscreet to the point of such easy detection. So no, crazy as it may seem, I don’t buy this story. But I am also tired of the empty lawsuit waving.

In fairness to celebrities, it is a challenge to win some of these cases. And most times they pontificate about it knowing full well it’ll never happen simply because they feel the need to defend themselves. Who could blame them? But maybe it’s time to think of something more creative. And, because Ashton is supposedly so entrepreneurial, turn it into a reality show.

Celebrity Polygraph Test

Every week, profile a celebrity scandal. Pit a celebrity against a tabloid over a story they insist is untrue. Then take a polygraph test!

It’s risky, totally. But if they keep hollering that they’re not cheaters/douchebags/skanks/addicts/and cheap, why not take on the machine? After all, they are actors. And the upside would be huge.

PS. I will sue you if you steal my idea. And I’ll subpoena you on Twitter.

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