I like the red field

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 18, 2012 16:36:13 December 18, 2012 16:36:13

A new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness was released yesterday this time with more focus on Chris Pine’s Kirk who must battle a new adversary but, mostly, his own arrogance. Of course. His family is at risk. Everything is falling apart. They must run through an awesome red field/forest. And...



I know...


But that’s what came to mind first at the sight of Benedict Cumberbatch being held in that glass compartment. And, I suppose, before that there was Magneto. Is this why the superhero story is so enduring? Because we find comfort in formulas? Is the Inception-blaring becoming a new formula in movie trailers?

As for the effectiveness of Cumberbatch -- the voice is so impressively sinister, I wish they’d open on a more sinister shot of him to match the sound. Said the screenwriter of his voice:

“(It’s) a special effect unto itself.”

He’s so peculiar looking, though, and especially from certain angles, I wonder if that won’t take away from how formidable his villain will be, though I do like the scene of his temper tantrum as his hair flops forward.

Please, one day, let there be a Benedict Cumberbatch + Ryan Gosling movie if only for the rest of us to enjoy watching as they find their motivation, together, and apart, and together, and apart.


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