And a few other bitches.

Freida Pinto still riding high. Is supposedly the new face of Estee Lauder (the first Indian to represent the brand) and has been signed onto Woody Allen’s latest, and today at Chanel during Paris Fashion Week, officially accepted by Le Karl.

Also my love Olga Kurylenko. Like, f-ck Megan Fox. If anyone should be playing Lara Croft after Angelina Jolie, provided she can mimic a British accent, it should be the Olga.

Olga Kurylenko, Tomb Raider. I like it.

And Kate Moss in very long pants with Jamie Hince looking less busted in the face than we’ve seen her lately sitting front row at the show, killing it in her suit. Always when she’s in a suit. Her cuff makes my life.

Finally…sh-t talking Lily Allen looking well behaved and so pretty at Karl’s insistence. His clothes look great on a woman with some curves, non? This was not intentional. Designing for size 8 is demode.

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