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Tonight in New York at the 36th Film Society of Lincoln Centre’s Gala Tribute to Tom Hanks – some superstar arrivals. I love Tom Hanks. He’s a good duck. And always a very great interview.

My friend Gab and I were talking about this the other night while watching a rerun of Julia Roberts on Letterman. It was a 3 segment show. Wonderful chemistry. There are maybe like only 5 guests who get 3 segments. The ones who merit 3 segments – they’re rare: Julia, George Clooney, Jerry Seinfeld, Tom Cruise, and Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks is always fantastic on Letterman.

Tom Hanks on Letterman

These kids these days – where’s the charisma?

In attendance – so many Oscar winners.

Steven Spielberg, Adrien Brody, Sally Field, Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts…

Both gorgeous.

Both with great legs.

Both prickly bitches. VERY. Would LOVE to see them throw down.


After all these years, Julia Roberts, to me, is still the classic movie star. Look at that face. That is a movie star face. She looks amazing. From the shoulders down. Then again, Julia could never dress.

Charlize can dress always.

Also attached – the impossibly gorgeous Christy Turlington and Ed Burns. Another timeless beauty.

And… an Academy Award winning actor who deserves the final mention:

Christopher Walken.

That’s all.

Photos from Wenn.com and Gettyimages.com and Le Poulin/Splashnewsonline.com

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