The Maui Film Festival kicked off today. I know Megan Fox is scheduled to be there to pick up an award for doing right by the environment. And several other hot actors under 30 too. Is that what it’s about? I hope they sent enough paps.

Here are Garrett Hedlund, Kate Mara, Max Minghella, and Andrew Garfield hanging out yesterday on the island. Look at them being all friends and friendly and Brat Packy! I like Garrett so much better when I can’t see his legs. In fact, even in the beater tank, that’s actually quivering a little. Having said that, the quiver is STRONG these days with Andrew Garfield. Even the back of him is making me happy. In that shirt? With the sleeves rolled up? Please. It’s on.

And there’s also Olivia Wilde who was photographed at Maui airport, and then enjoying a stroll on the beach. Wilde and Hedlund worked together on TRON: Legacy. And of course since she’s been linked to everyone in the past 3 months, why not Andrew Garfield next? He’s single too. Why am I all about setting people up today?

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