Maybe Chrissy O is an inspiration. Because after last week and all the revelations about Gavin Rossdale’s shenanigans with the nanny, Mindy Mann, allegedly for THREE YEARS, she too has emerged. E! News has the photos – click here to see.

Are we playing Photo Assumption?

Photo Assumption is not a reliable game. But, as we learned last week, conveniently with respect to Gavin, Photo Assumption in hindsight revealed a lot. Click here for a refresher.

So. Mindy’s expression. It’s not the big smile, don’t expect me to hide, almost joyousness that we saw from Chrissy O, but is there an air of defiance here? We now know what Chrissy O’s refusal to go quietly yielded for her. She was not Monica Lewinsky. And she’s in the Bahamas now, seemingly unscarred. Last week it was reported that Gavin was checking in with Mindy, making sure she’s OK. What, then, will Mindy want…if anything?

Maybe it’s Gavin? Three years is a long time. Long enough for more than just sex to develop.

Here’s Gwen at an event this weekend looking totally unbothered.