A favourite moment for sure.

Stella McCartney and Kate Moss –like two girls in high school caught up in their own inside joke. Held hands virtually the whole time, giggling uncontrollably, laughing at other people, often not bothering to hide it… mostly it was Kate, of course. It was Kate acting like she was learning impaired and Stella the indulgent parent.

But I do love that Kate Moss, dumb as f&ck herself, will not hesitate to point out someone else’s ignorance when it comes to fashion.

She arrived with Stella. She walked with Stella. But still there was a green reporter who actually asked her what she was wearing.

It was as though Voldemort himself had materialised on the carpet.

“Stella McCartney!” she snarled, baring teeth and nearly foaming at the mouth. The admonished journalist shrank back in fear. Stella busted out laughing. Kate rolled her eyes and then, stumbling, led her designer date inside the museum. As she walked in I heard her screech: can we smoke in here?


Photos from Wenn.com