(Lainey – Jacek likes to visit titty websites while he eats his lunch. The last two days his lunch has been ruined by the following. Like, I actually think he’s a little damaged.)

It’s been a while since I’ve written but this Stephanie Seymour family vacation situation has violently grabbed me by the balls and pulled me out of hiding. It cannot go unaddressed.

Yesterday I was browsing some of our partner sites and came across a set of photos on Egotastic showing Stephanie and her teenage son in various positions of embrace on the beach. Strange, I thought, and proceeded to investigate. Quick conclusion: something f-cking weird is going on here.

Note the hand on the boob as he reaches around her while kissing her on the lips. Note the index finger purposely applying pressure to said mammary region. Accident? I think not. The additional pressure. The extended reach. The boner in the wet swim trunks???

Then today as I ate lunch I decided to do another scan and came across more photos, this time of Stephanie with what appears to be a younger teenage son (or maybe it’s the same one…I don’t know). For that p-pow!! effect, click here and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Now…before one (or several) of you email(s) me saying that I’m not in touch with some “normal” side of a mother/son relationship, that I wasn’t adequately loved as a child, that I shouldn’t immediately associate such contact with potential incest, spare me. I love my mom and think she’s beautiful but you’re not going to convince me that what we’re seeing here is normal. Even if mom looks like Stephanie Seymour (who, on a related note, is extremely hot if you can look at her while blocking out her pervy son).

Click here and here for more of these photos, from better angles, including one of the kid’s boner for his ma, and a couple of funny takes on this same situation.