If you’re a big media outlet whose sole job is to look cool and hip then you really shouldn’t tangle with a top-notch, widely popular comedian with a big-ass network microphone. That’s a new rule I just made up.

Stephen Colbert has been hyping the appearance of Daft Punk on his show, The Colbert Report, for weeks, so imagine the surprise when he opened his show last night and announced that Daft Punk would not be appearing because MTV, a fellow Viacom subsidiary, didn’t want Daft Punk’s surprise appearance at the VMAs in a month’s time to be undermined by them going on a different show beforehand. It was incredibly lame logic on MTV’s part, and it put Daft Punk in the sad position of having to choose between their VMA appearance and performing on the Report, but it put Colbert in an even worse position—he had to break a promise (and not just to viewers but sponsors, too) on air.

The result, though, is comedy gold. Colbert’s opening monologue is BRILLIANT, calling out MTV, and then proceeding to not only ruin the VMA surprise (“…but don’t tell anybody because no one told me until two hours ago”), but shading MTV honcho Van Toffler and reading aloud the email Toffler expressly didn’t want Colbert to share. You know, the one that exposes Toffler as a massive tool and a middle-aged man who still refers to his “peeps” and “feels funky” about things.

Since Daft Punk backed out, Colbert ended up having a “Get Lucky” dance party aided by a bunch of celebrity friends—and a Matt Damn Booth—and then Robin Thicke came out to perform “Blurred Lines”. MTV tried to screw Stephen Colbert and he ended up junk-punching them into eternity. See for yourself.

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