The teaser trailer for Steve Jobs didn’t give us much beyond Michael Fassbender in a turtleneck and some of Aaron Sorkin’s dialogue. But now the first full trailer is out and we have a much better look at the biopic directed by Danny Boyle, and yeah. I’m in. Majorly, majorly in. This looks fantastic, and Fassbender looks crazy, crazy good in it. Except maybe for his accent. His natural Irish accent isn’t particularly strong, but he’s struggling a little to cover it and he’s also mimicking the real Jobs’s voice, to varying degrees of success. There are a few places where his delivery goes a bit wonky. Hopefully they can fix that with additional dialogue recording.

I love Kate Winslet’s little laugh when the computer nerd sass-mouths Jobs, and though there is some eye-rolly, super Sorkiny dialogue—“I play the orchestra” is the worst—there is also an amazing moment that hooks you right in. It’s at the 1:40 mark, when Jobs says, “If a fire causes a stampede to the unmarked exits, it will have been well worth for those who survive.” That is a great line in and of itself, but it’s completely spot-on in context to the mania that surrounded Jobs and his tech presentations. And Fassbender absolutely nails it, giving it just the right blend of sincerity and annoyance at the gnat bothering him. Everything you need to know about how this movie is portraying Steve Jobs is in that one, perfect line. How hard do you think Sony will punch itself in the face if this movie ends up with a bunch of Oscar nominations?