Steve Martin is an avid art collector. When he was filming in Vancouver earlier this year, he successfully bid on two Lawren Harris paintings at the Heffel auction. He wasn’t all look at my big celebrity penis about it either. Having said that, those two pieces set him back over $1.5 million. Maybe more. So...

It’s a subject matter he clearly knows a lot about, enough to write, which is why the art world is the setting of his first full length novel An Object of Beauty. I have it with me here as part of my Tofino reading list. Beauty has received some strong reviews. Martin is a respected writer. I’ll let you know how it is.

So it’s not surprising then that Martin is at Art Basel in Miami. Is that a mint green shirt? I can’t tell from my screen as I’m getting a glare from the window. It’s sunny here in Tofino today. Bonus! Whatever the colour, he looks great. And is not a poseur.

You know who is a poseur?

Oh, hi Adrien Brody.

He’s at Art Basel too.

Also wearing a hat, with that familiar douche smirk on his face, fronting like he belongs in this world when probably what he was really looking for was the chance to hang out with that egomaniac Alex Rodriguez. Please. They were made for each other.

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