Dear Gossips,

Ohhhhkayyy. It’s Friday. It’s been another week. And still no album from Beyoncé. That’s what I check, every morning when my alarm goes off.

So maybe it’s next Thursday? Ivy Park goes on sale April 14. That’s 4-14. And it’s hype on hype.

In the meantime, have you read The Hollywood Reporter piece on Charlie Sheen yet? The article is written for THR by Dylan Howard who is the editor of the National Enquirer which in and of itself is fascinating. Because clearly even he thinks that having his story published in THR makes it more credible than his own magazine. Dylan Howard became friends with Charlie Sheen a few years ago, just before the tiger blood era, and at one point was part of Charlie’s inner circle. Until he claims he could no longer ignore evidence that Charlie was HIV-positive and behaving recklessly, potentially endangering countless lovers and violently threatening former lovers and associates.

It’s a f-cked up account of depravity and exploitation. They all sound like assholes. What’s amazing to me, though, is that since Charlie came forward on The Today Show and subsequently, seemingly, every other week on Dr Oz, there are people out there who want – and are willing – to believe he’s not a dick. It’s amazing, non? Celebrities – even celebrities like Charlie Sheen! – have the luxury of SO much sympathy.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,