Afternoon Email with the Girls

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 4, 2007 15:18:50 October 4, 2007 15:18:50

Deny it to your bosses but you know what you do all day at work when you’re not working. What you do is email your girlfriends and your gays. About nothing and everything.

My Main ‘Mo Darren and I are currently discussing Bali. He just got back on a two week trip and paid less than $2K for flight, accommodation, and food. Not a five star resort but good enough for a gay. Which means it’s far from a dump.

Meanwhile, Michelle sent out a message to the girls about 7’s revival of the Stirrup Jean. See attached. Now before you run away in horror…hold up. Think it through.

The 80s can be remodelled and reworked, don’t you think?

Michelle was undecided. Laura said she’d wear them tucked into boots only. And if you think about it, stirrup jeans are the most perfect jeans to tuck into boots. Because no matter how skinny your skinnys, they are always riding up and bunching up at the knee. A stirrup naturally pulls the hem down.

But the question is: would you wear them without boots?

Duana is probably the most adventurous stylistically of all of us. She’s the one who can get away with plaid and gingham. Together. Duana would actually wear them UNDER her heels. So that the stirrup is exposed and over the shoe. It’s a daring look. Genius if done right. She can do it because her legs start at her neck and don’t stop until they reach China. Bottom heavy short Asian girls not so much.

So. First celebrity to rock the stirrup jeans…who think you?

I say…

Mary Kate Olsen or Victoria Beckham.

Save your answer for the giveaway…it’s coming up.


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