It’s not just liquor that loosens the lips. If you’re lucky enough to not react with vomit to pot, perhaps you can weigh in: does weed make you chatty?

Apparently it makes James Franco chatty.

In an interview with Out Magazine about his new film Milk with Sean Penn, in which they play gay lovers, James may have revealed a little too much about the ultra private Sean and Madonna:

"After our [on-screen] kiss, Sean texted Madonna - his ex-wife, Madonna - and said, 'I just popped my cherry kissing a guy. I thought of you. I don't know why'.”

Sean and Madge still talk. I didn’t think so…did you? Worse for James – it’s probably not a detail Sean appreciates being made public.

Here’s James, appropriately at the High Times magazine awards on Saturday looking clammy and sh-tfaced and probably quite happy about it.


Why can’t I hold my weed?


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