She might speak her own mind, but I hear she doesn’t act her own mind. Tough as nails is what we thought all along. All of us. Which is why this is surprising the small but growing network of people who have been privy to the inside scoop – the real reason behind the rumoured rift in the relationship. It’s not infidelity, it’s not career motivated, it’s not the workaholism but it’s much, much worse. Word is, he’s rough. He’s been rough. Physically rough. On two or three occasions. Serious occasions. And in textbook fashion, he’s tried to make amends every time. But the shocker of it all is that she’s textbook too. Because she takes it. In spite of the bravado and the image, she takes it. Which is the most heartbreaking thing of all. And if you think about it, she’s been taking it for years. PS. It’s NOT Denise and Charlie. Pul-ease. Like not even in the same fame universe, y’all. PPS. Unrelated but you know what I love? It’s when riddles I’ve put out there start to expose themselves. Especially the gay ones. I’ll be gracious for once and spare you the gloat but don’t forget who brought it to you first!